Saturday, December 12, 2009

JSR-299 Tx Interceptor code + JAX RS Sample

Quick update -- I've thrown the source code to the Transactional Interceptor from my previous post into a source repository, along with a sample webapp that shows how it can be used... they're both maven projects, and should be easy enough to download and fiddle around with -- I've tested it in Glassfish v3, but it should work in JBoss just as well...

I'm going to use this repository for a number of random tests, experiments, and whatever it is I'm fiddling with at the time -- hopefully there'll be a few more CDI projects up there, or whatever else it is that strikes my fancy at the time :)

Update: I've just thrown together a sample that shows how CDI can be combined with a JAX RS interface as well... cool, and simple!



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